Stephanie Kowal

Research Associate, University of Alberta, Canada

Stephanie is a research associate and knowledge translation coordinator at the School of Public Health, University of Alberta, Canada. She specializes in using qualitative research methods to explore ethical issues in health communications, informed consent, effective communication of risks and benefits with various stakeholder groups, and health decision-making in family settings. She completed her MSc in Public Health Sciences (Global Health) at the University of Alberta in 2014. Her graduate research aimed to inform immunization campaign development and informed consent practices for Canadian immigrant populations. Her research was funded by the Canadian Institutions of Health Research, Health Quality Council of Alberta, and the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute. Her research also earned her the 2014 National Collaborating Centres in Public Health Knowledge Translation Graduate Student Award and the 2013 Academic Women’s Association Graduate Research of the Year Award. You can find her research published in prominent resources including the Canadian Journal of Public Health, Medical Care and The International Encyclopedia of Public Health 2nd Edition.