Frederic Bouder

Professor, University of Stavanger, Norway

Frederic is a Professor in the Department of Industrial Economics, Risk Management and Planning at the University of Stavanger. Throughout his academic career, at the University of Stavanger, Maastricht University and King's College London, Frederic has developed research on risk policy and risk communication, with a strong European and transatlantic dimension. Frequently, his research has focused on critical decisions that fall within a grey area where the benefits for society are clearly recognizable but where simultaneously the risks are perceived as significant. Frederic has built strong collaborations with the following groups: 1. Regulatory agencies (FDA,EMA and European National Competent Authorities, HSE, IenM, EFSA); 2. Networks of experts on both sides of the Atlantic; 3. Industry players especially in the medical, food and energy sectors; 4. Consumers and Patient Groups (e.g. European Patients' Forum, ViVi); and 5. International organisations (OECD, World Bank, EPO).

Areas of Expertise
  • Risk Policy
  • Risk Communication
  • Vaccines